Biofuels for Road Transport

A Seed to Wheel Perspective

by Lucas Reijnders, Mark Huijbregts

Series: Green Energy and Technology

Biofuels for Road Transport: A Seed to Wheel Perspective provides a review of the history, the current status and perspectives for biofuels used in road transport, across the full ‘seed-to-wheel’ life cycle of these fuels. Successive chapters cover the history of biofuels; the first- and second-generation liquid fuels and biofuels for powering electric vehicles; fossil fuel replacement, land requirement, greenhouse gas balances and environmental burdens of ethanol, esters derived from fatty acids (‘biodiesel’), Fischer-Tropsch diesel and HTU diesel; competing technologies (fossil fuels, increases in energy-efficiency and photovoltaic power) and how they compare to biofuels; and the perspectives for biofuels. Cost, availability, technological development, competition with biomass for food and for soil organic carbon and environmental perspectives are also discussed.

Biofuels for Road Transport: A Seed to Wheel Perspective is a valuable reference for professional engineers, researchers and postgraduate students involved in biofuels, renewable energy (including bioenergy) and the automotive industry.

  • Springer London; December 2008
  • ISBN: 9781848821385
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  • Title: Biofuels for Road Transport
  • Series: Green Energy and Technology
  • Author: Lucas Reijnders; Mark Huijbregts
  • Imprint: Springer

In The Press

This book addresses critical issues related to a biofuel-driven transportation network. Reijnders (biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Huijbregts (environmental science, Radboud Univ. Nijmegen, Netherlands) have done a thorough job explaining the varieties of biofuels (e.g., ethanol, lipid-based, microalgae), including their characteristics and production... This well-researched work, with an extensive bibliography, will be of interest to all levels of readers and should be on every fuel professional's bookshelf... Highly recommended.

Choice (August 2009) (Reviewer: J. Tavakoli, Lafayette College)