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The Confessions of Saint Augustine
The Crown Publishing Group (2011)

"The reader who has never met Augus-tine before ought to go first of all to the Confessions,"...

The Confessions of St. Augustine: Modern English Version
Baker Publishing Group (2008)

Find out what led Augustine to become one of the greatest Christian thinkers in the history of the...

Evagrius Ponticus
Taylor and Francis (2006)

Presenting many texts available for the very first time, this new volume in the successful Early...

The Confessions of Saint Augustine
Open Road Media (2014)

The world’s most famous spiritual autobiography Written between 397 and 398 CE, The Confessions...

The Confessions of Saint Augustine
ReadHowYouWant (2006)

One of the earliest autobiographies, this work sheds light on the thoughts of medieval mind. Saint...

City of God
Start Publishing LLC (2012)

Saint Augustine of Hippo is one of the central figures in the history of Christianity, and this book...

The First 100 Days on the Job: How to plan, prioritize and build a sustainable organisation

The First 100 Days on the Job

How to plan, prioritize and build a sustainable organisation

Greenleaf Publishing (2012)

This guide is for sustainability leaders – in organizations of any size or sector – who want to make...

Reconstructing the Theology of Evagrius Ponticus: Beyond Heresy
Cambridge University Press (2013)

This book presents Evagrius' theology in its own terms, informed by a detailed study of the monk's...

Development, Modernism and Modernity in Africa
Taylor and Francis (2011)

This anthology examines the "unfinished project of modernity" with respect to the unrealized...

The Orthodox Christian World
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Over the last century unprecedented numbers of Christians from traditionally Orthodox societies...