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Peanuts #12
Peanuts Series (No. 12)
KaBOOM! (2013)

Taking on the role of tutor, Peppermint Patty must teach Sally Brown the art of being a good...

It's Tokyo, Charlie Brown
KaBOOM! (2012)

The Peanuts gang hops on a plane to Japan when their Little League team is chosen to represent the...

Peanuts: Happiness is a Warm Blanket
KaBOOM! (2011)

Charles Schulz's world-renowned comic strip, Peanuts, takes the stage as a graphic novel! Adapted...

Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare
KaBOOM! (2015)

Snoopy, the World War I Flying Ace, is on holiday in France but his leave is cut short when he's...

Peanuts: The Beagle Has Landed
KaBOOM! (2014)

Charlie Brown and the gang have got space on the brain and Snoopy leads the way as the World Famous...

Peanuts Dell Archive
KaBOOM! (2018)

In 1955, Charles M. Schulz began a partnership with Dell Publishing, and for the first time, all-new...

Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz
KaBOOM! (2016)

In celebration of Peanuts' 65th anniversary, BOOM! has teamed up with some of the greatest...

Peanuts Vol. 10
KaBOOM! (2018)

Snoopy’s Daisy Hill Farm is being torn down and Charlie Brown tries to be there for him. This and...

Charles M. Schulz's Snoopy
KaBOOM! (2017)

Celebrate over sixty-five years of Charles M. Schulz’ Snoopy with this jam-packed collection of...

Peanuts #30
Peanuts Series (No. 30)
KaBOOM! (2016)

Snoopy's sister is in town, and it's causing all kinds of trouble for Charlie Brown. Plus, a...