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How We Think
Dover Publications (2012)

One of America's most prominent pedagogues discusses training students to think well. This...

Experience and Nature
Dover Publications (2012)

Analysis and evaluation of problem of knowledge, other systems, formulation of law, role of...

Democracy and Education
Dover Publications (2012)

The distinguished educator and philosopher discusses his revolutionary vision of education,...

The School and Society & The Child and the Curriculum
Dover Publications (2012)

The two short, influential books represent the earliest authoritative statement of the famed...

Essays in Experimental Logic
Dover Publications (2012)

14 of the American philosopher's most influential essays appear here, offering profound reflections...

Human Nature and Conduct
Dover Publications (2012)

Influential work by the great educator/philosopher maintains that the key to social psychology lies...

Reconstruction in Philosophy
Dover Publications (2012)

Written shortly after the shattering effects of World War I, this volume initiated the author's...

The Essence of Progress and Poverty
Dover Publications (2020)

In this brief text, John Dewey compiled excerpts from Henry George's influential work on economics....

Democracy and Education
Dancing Unicorn Books (2017)

The primary ineluctable facts of the birth and death of each one of the constituent members in a...

The Public and Its Problems: An Essay in Political Inquiry

The Public and Its Problems

An Essay in Political Inquiry

John Dewey, Melvin L. Rogers and 1 more...
Ohio University Press (2016)

With renewed interest in pragmatism and its implications for democracy in an age of mass...