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Transformational Reminiscence: Life Story Work
Springer Publishing Company (2007)

"[A]s recently as fifty years ago people believed that reminiscing was a sign of senility....Today,...

Water Contamination Emergencies: Collective Responsibility
Royal Society of Chemistry (2009)

By leading experts, this is an up-to-date view of the strategies essential for an effective response...

Water Contamination Emergencies: Enhancing our Response
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)

Covering a range of topics, including: responses to water contamination emergencies, impacts on...

Environmental Social Work
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Social work has been late to engage with the environmental movement. Often working with an...

Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics
Taylor and Francis (2012)

This book explores neoliberalism – a view of the world that puts the market at its centre- from the...

The Roots of Romanticism: Second Edition

The Roots of Romanticism (2nd ed.)

Second Edition

Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy and 1 more...
Princeton University Press (2013)

In The Roots of Romanticism , one of the twentieth century's most influential philosophers dissects...

Medicines Management in Mental Health Care
Wiley (2009)

Medicines are the most common form of treatment for those with mental health problems worldwide. ...

Reconstructions of Secondary Education: Theory, Myth and Practice Since the Second World War

Reconstructions of Secondary Education

Theory, Myth and Practice Since the Second World War

John Gray, Andrew McPherson and 1 more...
Taylor and Francis (2011)

British secondary education has changed in major ways since 1945. This book examines some...

Decolonizing Social Work
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Riding on the success of Indigenous Social Work Around the World, this book provides case studies to...

The Nature and Sources of the Law by John Chipman Gray
Taylor and Francis (2019)

First published in 1909 and then again in 1997. John Chipman Gray (1839-1915) spent the greater part...