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Behind the Veil: An Australian Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Behind the Veil

An Australian Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Wakefield Press (1991)

Cardiac resuscitation was often applied to a patient who was fast asleep. The hapless victim woke...

Is This the Way to Madagascar?
Wakefield Press (2007)

I had noticed in Madagascar that many things are called Mad. Would you trust yourself to Mad travel...

Llama for Lunch
Wakefield Press (2002)

Lydia Laube, one of the world's dauntless, intrepid travellers, is off to South America in...

Lost in Laos
Wakefield Press (2010)

After enduring a close call with Thai immigration officials, Lydia made it into Laos, and discovered...

The Long Way Home: Nobody Goes That Way

The Long Way Home

Nobody Goes That Way

Wakefield Press (1994)

I sat in the windowless and windscreenless front seat of the truck receiving proposals of marriage:...

Temples and Tuk Tuks: Travels in Cambodia

Temples and Tuk Tuks

Travels in Cambodia

Wakefield Press (2003)

The dinner menu had the usual interesting items such as "Soap" and "A Fried...

Bound for Vietnam
Wakefield Press (1999)

?A chance conversation on the Trans Siberian Express en route to Outer Mongolia causes Lydia Laube...

Slow Boat to Mongolia
Wakefield Press (1997)

Who else but Lydia Laube would climb the Great Wall of China waving a pink parasol while riding a...

From Burma to Myanmar: On the road to Mandalay

From Burma to Myanmar

On the road to Mandalay

Wakefield Press (2015)

Lydia Laube is no stranger to near-death experiences, including several while travelling to, from...