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Spatial Pattern Analysis in Plant Ecology
Cambridge University Press (1999)

A review and evaluation of the analysis methods for studying spatial pattern in vegetation.

Applying Graph Theory in Ecological Research
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This book clearly describes the many applications of graph theory to ecological questions, providing...

Spatial Analysis: A Guide for Ecologists
Cambridge University Press (2005)

An overview of the wide range of spatial statistics available to analyse ecological data.

Spatial Analysis: A Guide For Ecologists

Spatial Analysis (2nd ed.)

A Guide For Ecologists

Cambridge University Press (2014)

An essential guide for graduates, researchers and professionals to spatial analysis and the...

Reflections on Adaptive Behavior: Essays in Honor of J.E.R. Staddon

Reflections on Adaptive Behavior

Essays in Honor of J.E.R. Staddon

The MIT Press (2008)

J. E. R. Staddon's colleagues and former students discuss Staddon's work as a “theoretical...