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Sigmund Freud
SAGE Publications (2003)

In refreshing contrast to most other books on Sigmund Freud, this is a highly accessible account of...

Cards that Pop Up, Flip & Slide
Penguin Publishing Group (2005)

Dynamic new ideas for your handmade cards Dazzle your friends and loved ones with the...

Our Desire of Unrest: Thinking About Therapy

Our Desire of Unrest

Thinking About Therapy

Taylor and Francis (2018)

Knowledge is never static. It is always open to revolutionary thinking or to evolving development....

Shakespeare on the Couch
Taylor and Francis (2018)

Drawing upon a vast literature in psychoanalytic journals and either upon Shakespeare's characters...

D W Winnicott
SAGE Publications (1995)

`The importance of Michael Jacobs' book lies in his attempt to convey... Winnicott's profound...

Psychodynamic Counselling in Action
SAGE Publications (2017)

Widely regarded as the most accessible introduction to the psychodynamic approach, this book covers...

The Presenting Past: The Core Of Psychodynamic Counselling And Therapy

The Presenting Past (4th ed.)

The Core Of Psychodynamic Counselling And Therapy

McGraw-Hill Education (2012)

This classic textbook examines the key psychodynamic themes of trust and dependency, authority and...

Granta Publications (2011)

A fascinating journey southwards along the world's longest mountain range, exploring the diverse...

The Robber of Memories: A River Journey Through Colombia

The Robber of Memories

A River Journey Through Colombia

Granta Publications (2012)

A gripping journey up the River Magdalena into the centre of Colombia, and a deeply personal...

Everything is Happening: Journey into a Painting

Everything is Happening

Journey into a Painting

Granta Publications (2015)

A gripping and beguiling blend of travel writing, memoir, and art history which delves into the...