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Machiavelli: Selected Political Writings
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (1994)

Here are The Prince and the most important of the Discourses newly translated into spare, vivid...

Machiavelli: The Prince
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Fully updated for the first time after thirty years, this new edition includes a thoroughly revised...

The Prince
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (1995)

"This is an excellent, readable and vigorous translation of The Prince , but it is much more than...

Machiavelli: The Prince
Cambridge University Press (1988)

Professor Skinner presents a lucid analysis of Machiavelli's text as a response to the world of...

The Prince
HarperCollins Canada (2015)

The ultimate treatise on statecraft. Machiavelli's work has held such power to shock that he was at...

The Portable Machiavelli
Penguin Publishing Group (1979)

In the four and a half centuries since Machiavelli’s death, no single and unanimously accepted...

The Prince
OUP Oxford (2005)

Based upon Machiavelli's first-hand experience as an emissary of the Florentine Republic to the...

Discourses on Livy
OUP Oxford (2003)

Machiavelli's commentary on Livy's history of Rome sets out his fundamental preference for a...

The Prince
The Floating Press (1908)

Il Principe ( The Prince ) is the famous text by Florentine public servant Niccolo Machiavelli, in...

The Comedies of Machiavelli: The Woman from Andros; The Mandrake; Clizia

The Comedies of Machiavelli

The Woman from Andros; The Mandrake; Clizia

Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (2007)

This bilingual edition includes all three examples of Machiavelli's comedic art: sparkling...