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Exploring the Worship Spectrum: 6 Views
Zondervan (2010)

A clear, engaging description of the six most prevalent models of worship in North American...

Serving in Your Church Nursery

This practical handbook surveys all of the essential elements of ministering in a church nursery to...

Serving as a Church Greeter

This new edition of The Greeter’s Manual deals with those who are often the first people one...

Who Runs the Church?: 4 Views on Church Government

Who Runs the Church?

4 Views on Church Government

Zondervan (2009)

In the acclaimed Counterpoints series of books contrasting multiple views, this book explores four...

Serving by Safeguarding Your Church

This practical guide enables church deacons, trustees, and other lay and ordained leaders to...

Serving in Church Visitation

This practical handbook is designed to provide orientation to the thousands of church members who...

Serving in Your Church Music Ministry

This book is designed to provide practical orientation to the thousands of church members who...

Understanding Four Views on Baptism
Zondervan (2009)

Christians have long differed with one another on both the meaning and the practice of water...

Remarriage after Divorce in Today's Church
Zondervan (2009)

A biblical and practical summary of the three main views among evangelicals on remarriage after...

Evaluating the Church Growth Movement: 5 Views
Zondervan (2010)

Although the church growth movement has made a significant impact on evangelicals over the past half...