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Value Investing For Dummies
Wiley (2008)

Want to follow in Warren Buffett’s investing footprints? Value Investing For Dummies , 2nd Edition,...

Work in the 21st Century: How Do I Log On?

Work in the 21st Century

How Do I Log On?

Peter K. Ross, Susan Ressia and 2 more...
Emerald Publishing Limited (2017)

Thisbook provides practical guidance for policy makers, managers and workers tryingto better...

Complexity and Evolution: Toward a New Synthesis for Economics

Complexity and Evolution

Toward a New Synthesis for Economics

David S. Wilson, Alan Kirman and 39 more...
The MIT Press (2016)

An exploration of how approaches that draw on evolutionary theory and complexity science can advance...

Transformations of Lamarckism: From Subtle Fluids to Molecular Biology

Transformations of Lamarckism

From Subtle Fluids to Molecular Biology

Snait B. Gissis, Eva Jablonka and 41 more...
The MIT Press (2011)

A reappraisal of Lamarckism—its historical impact and contemporary significance.

Neural Basis of Motivational and Cognitive Control
The MIT Press (2011)

A multidisciplinary overview of key approaches in the study of cognitive control and decision...