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Rosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan: Lose a Stone in a Month
Random House (2012)

Yes! You can lose a stone in a month and my trial dieters proved it. By following my brand new,...

Complete Hip And Thigh Diet
Random House (2012)

As thousands of successful slimmers have testified, the Complete Hip and Thigh Diet is, quite...

Rosemary Conley’s 3-2-1 Diet: Just 3 steps to a slimmer, fitter you

Rosemary Conley’s 3-2-1 Diet

Just 3 steps to a slimmer, fitter you

Random House (2015)

There really is a better way to diet! Rosemary Conley has devised a plan to suit the way you eat....

Gi Hip & Thigh Diet
Random House (2013)

You won't believe how quickly the weight and inches disappear! Rosemary Conley CBE has taken the...

The FAB Diet
Random House (2013)

When Rosemary Conley appeared on Dancing on Ice at the age of 65 looking younger and fitter than...

Slim to Win: Diet and Cookbook

Slim to Win

Diet and Cookbook

Random House (2012)

BE A WEIGHT LOSS WINNER Love your food but want to lose your excess weight? That's easy with...

Eat Yourself Slim
Random House (2010)

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater, want to cook a snack or prepare a dinner party, Eat...

The Secrets of Staying Young
Random House (2012)

Rosemary Conley is one of the UK's most successful and best-loved diet and fitness experts. ...

New Body Plan
Random House (2011)

Based on the latest nutritional and exercise findings, Rosemary Conley's New Body Plan is a complete...

Complete Flat Stomach Plan
Random House (2012)

The Complete Flat Stomach Plan incorporates, and builds upon, the remarkable results and success...