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Courtney's War
Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

The brand new Courtney Series novel, and the much-anticipated sequel to the global bestseller WAR...

Rage: The Courtney Series 6


The Courtney Series 6

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Shasa closed his mouth slowly. The very foundations of his political beliefs and principles were...

Warlock: The Egyptian Series 3


The Egyptian Series 3

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Even before he could move, the full realisation of what confronted him blazed in the Pharaoh's mind....

Desert God: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

Desert God

A Novel of Ancient Egypt

HarperCollins (2014)

New York Times bestselling author Wilbur Smith—hailed by Stephen King as the “best historical...

The Seventh Scroll: The Egyptian Series 2

The Seventh Scroll

The Egyptian Series 2

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

She glanced down at the drawer in which she kept all her floppy disks. That and all the other...

The Sound of Thunder: The Courtney Series 2

The Sound of Thunder

The Courtney Series 2

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

In the same way Sean saw it coming, he recognised it as the murderous rage which before had nearly...

A Sparrow Falls: The Courtney Series 3

A Sparrow Falls

The Courtney Series 3

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Mark picked the weapon off the rack and the shape and feel of it brought memories crowding back. He...

River God: The Egyptian Series 1

River God

The Egyptian Series 1

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Fame and popularity breed envy in high places, and the adulation of the mob is fickle. They often...

Power of the Sword: The Courtney Series 5

Power of the Sword

The Courtney Series 5

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

'We are Courtneys. We don't have to fight with our fists. We fight with power and money and...

A Time to Die: The Courtney Series 7

A Time to Die

The Courtney Series 7

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

The lion charged. He came straight at them out of the thicket as his mate had done, but even more...