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Mecca: The Sacred City


The Sacred City

Bloomsbury Publishing (2014)

Mecca is the heart of Islam. It is the birthplace of Muhammad, the direction towards which Muslims...

Consumption of Kuala Lumpur
Reaktion Books (2000)

Kuala Lumpur is the postmodern city writ large, a city that, within the short span of a decade, has...

Future: All That Matters
John Murray Press (2013)

In Future: All That Matters, Ziauddin Sardar shows that thinking and speculating about the future...

Science, Technology and Development in the Muslim World

This book, first published in 1977, aims to present a Muslim view of development and highlights some...

Muhammad: All That Matters
John Murray Press (2012)

In this book: 'A pioneering writer on Islam' - Guardian Who was the real Muhammad?...

McGraw-Hill Education (1999)

Orientalism, the theory and practice of representing 'the Orient' in European thought, is a...

Balti Britain: A Provocative Journey Through Asian Britain

Balti Britain

A Provocative Journey Through Asian Britain

Granta Publications (2012)

'Wonderful - part history, part autobiography, immensely rich in acute observation of multicultural...

Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys Of A Sceptical Muslim

Desperately Seeking Paradise

Journeys Of A Sceptical Muslim

Granta Publications (2012)

Ziauddin Sardar is one of the foremost Muslim intellectuals in Britain, and this is his account of...

What Do Muslims Believe?
Granta Publications (2013)

'What Do We Believe?', a new series from Granta Books, introduces different beliefs from across the...

A Person of Pakistani Origins
Hurst (2018)

A personal account of what it means to grow up as a Pakistani in the West. The author is a public...