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Automatism, Insanity, and the Psychology of Criminal Responsibility: A Philosophical Inquiry
Cambridge University Press (1991)

This is a book about the role that psychological impairment should play in a theory of criminal...

Crimes against Humanity: A Normative Account

Crimes against Humanity

A Normative Account

Cambridge University Press (2004)

This book was the first booklength treatment of the philosophical foundations of international...

Is There a Right of Freedom of Expression?
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A sceptical appraisal of the claim that freedom of expression is a human right.

Forgiveness and Mercy
Cambridge University Press (1990)

This book explores the philosophical arguments about the nature of forgiveness, mercy and specific...

Legal Ethics and Human Dignity
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A wide-ranging collection of essays from a leading scholar of legal ethics.

Truth, Error, and Criminal Law: An Essay in Legal Epistemology

Truth, Error, and Criminal Law

An Essay in Legal Epistemology

Cambridge University Press (2006)

Examines the problems in the epistemology of law and the function of a criminal court.

The Path of the Law and its Influence: The Legacy of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

The Path of the Law and its Influence

The Legacy of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

Cambridge University Press (2000)

Brings together distinguished legal scholars to examine a seminal work in American legal theory.

Philosophy and the Law of Torts
Cambridge University Press (2001)

Leading legal theorists examine the philosophical foundations of tort law.

Common Law Theory
Cambridge University Press (2007)

In this book, an international team of scholars analyse the common law through three of its classic...

The Theory of Contract Law: New Essays
Cambridge University Press (2001)

Essays addressing a variety of issues in the theory and practice of contract law.