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Work in the 21st Century: How Do I Log On?

Work in the 21st Century

How Do I Log On?

Peter K. Ross, Susan Ressia and 2 more...
Emerald Publishing Limited (2017)

Thisbook provides practical guidance for policy makers, managers and workers tryingto better...

Electronic HRM in the Smart Era
Emerald Publishing Limited (2017)

This volume aims to critically reflect on the two-decades of the academic developments in the field...

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Ethical Public Relations: Strengthening Synergies with Human Resources
Emerald Publishing Limited (2017)

This book offers practical advice for building organizations with social responsibility and...

Managing the Ageing Workforce in the East and the West
Emerald Publishing Limited (2017)

This book brings together Eastern and Western perspectives to explore human resource interventions...

Advances in the Technology of Managing People: Contemporary Issues in Business
Emerald Publishing Limited (2019)

The book provides a comprehensive look at emerging technological trends in the workplace. ...

Managing Technology and Middle- and Low-skilled Employees: Advances for Economic Regeneration
Emerald Publishing Limited (2019)

Managing Technology and Middle- and Low-Skilled Employees explores the rapidly changing use of...

Generations Z in Europe: Inputs, Insights and Implications

Generations Z in Europe

Inputs, Insights and Implications

Emerald Publishing Limited (2019)

Generations Z in Europe brings together differing geographic perspectives from a range of...

Conflict and Shifting Boundaries in the Gig Economy: An Interdisciplinary Analysis
Emerald Publishing Limited (2020)

Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book draws on legal, HRM, occupational psychology and...

Social Recruitment in HRM: A Theoretical Approach and Empirical Analysis

Social Recruitment in HRM

A Theoretical Approach and Empirical Analysis

Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2016)

This book analyzes the role of social recruitment in HRM. The interactivity of new forms of...