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Ordinary Differential Equations
Springer New York (2012)

Unlike other texts on differential equations, this one provides an early presentation of the Laplace...

Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus

Elementary Analysis (2nd ed.)

The Theory of Calculus

Springer New York (2013)

For three decades, this classic has been a must-have textbook for transitional courses from calculus...

Basic Probability Theory with Applications

This book presents elementary probability theory with interesting and well-chosen applications that...

It's a Nonlinear World

Drawing examples from mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, economics, medicine,...

Explorations in Monte Carlo Methods
Springer New York (2009)

Monte Carlo methods are among the most used and useful computational tools available, providing...

The Mathematics of Medical Imaging: A Beginner’s Guide

Medical imaging is a major part of twenty-first century health care. This introduction explores the...

Real Analysis and Applications: Theory in Practice
Springer New York (2009)

This book stresses applications of real analysis, detailing how its principles and theory can be...

A Course in Multivariable Calculus and Analysis
Springer New York (2010)

This self-contained textbook gives a thorough exposition of multivariable calculus. The emphasis is...

Algorithms and Programming: Problems and Solutions

Algorithms and Programming (2nd ed.)

Problems and Solutions

Structured in a problem-solution format, this undergraduate text motivates the student to think...

Mathematics and Its History
Springer New York (2010)

This book offers a collection of historical essays detailing a large variety of mathematical...