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An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure
Cambridge University Press (2019)

A leading work in the field of international criminal law, which is accessible, comprehensive and up...

International Law
Cambridge University Press (2017)

The definitive and authoritative international law text, updated to reflect key case law,...

Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations
Cambridge University Press (2017)

The new edition of the highly influential Tallinn Manual, which outlines public international law as...

International Law: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2015)

International law lies at the heart of our interaction with the global community. It protects...

Incitement on Trial: Prosecuting International Speech Crimes

Incitement on Trial

Prosecuting International Speech Crimes

Cambridge University Press (2017)

This book explains why international criminal tribunals struggle to monitor inciting speech, and...

European Union Law
Cambridge University Press (2018)

Clear yet rigorous coverage of all the core topics of EU law, with Brexit coverage, numerous case...

International Law 2nd Edition
Cambridge University Press (2017)

The second edition of this landmark textbook in the teaching of international law, from one of the...

European Union Law: Text and Materials

European Union Law (3rd ed.)

Text and Materials

Cambridge University Press (2014)

This market-leading text combines clear explanation, expert analysis and a wide range of materials...

An Introduction to European Law
Cambridge University Press (2015)

The second edition of this classic introduction to European law features a new chapter on goods and...

Principles of International Environmental Law
Cambridge University Press (2018)

The new edition of this essential text offers a comprehensive, critical and future-thinking...