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Effective Negotiation: From Research to Results

Effective Negotiation (3rd ed.)

From Research to Results

Cambridge University Press (2016)

Effective Negotiation, 3rd edition is an essential resource for students and professionals in...

The Art of Argument: A Guide to Mooting
Cambridge University Press (2007)

The Art of Argument guides readers through the process of developing, defending and presenting a...

A Civil Action
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group (2011)

This true story of an epic courtroom showdown, where two of the nation's largest corporations were...

Ne Bis in Idem in EU Law
Cambridge University Press (2016)

This study, written by distinguished scholars in their respective fields, addresses the application...

Resource-Based Theory: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Resource-Based Theory

Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

OUP Oxford (2007)

The 'Resource-Based View of the Firm' has emerged as one of the dominant perspectives used in...

Master the LSAT
Nova Press (2015)

The LSAT is an aptitude test. Like all aptitude tests, it must choose a medium in which to measure...

The Lawyer's Guide to Writing Well
University of California Press (2002)

This eminently practical volume demystifies legal writing, outlines the causes and consequences of...

Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury: Greatest Closing Arguments In Modern Law

Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury

Greatest Closing Arguments In Modern Law

Scribner (1999)

The closing arguments from ten noteworthy cases—“lawyers and nonlawyers will enjoy the passion and...

Analysis of Evidence
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A book for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on evidence and proof, and on legal method.

Modern Legal Drafting: A Guide to Using Clearer Language

Modern Legal Drafting (2nd ed.)

A Guide to Using Clearer Language

Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book examines legal language and provides guidelines for drafting in modern English.