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Optimization Models
Cambridge University Press (2014)

This accessible textbook demonstrates how to recognize, simplify, model and solve optimization...

Asymptotic Statistics
Cambridge University Press (2000)

A mathematically rigorous, practical introduction presenting standard topics plus research.

Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
Cambridge University Press (2012)

A practical introduction perfect for final-year undergraduate and graduate students without a solid...

Psychology Statistics For Dummies
Wiley (2012)

The introduction to statistics that psychology students can't afford to be without Understanding...

Financial Analytics with R: Building a Laptop Laboratory for Data Science

Financial Analytics with R

Building a Laptop Laboratory for Data Science

Cambridge University Press (2016)

Financial Analytics with R sharpens readers' skills in time-series, forecasting, portfolio...

Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy: With R Applications
Cambridge University Press (2012)

A unique resource introducing graduate students and researchers in astronomy to advanced statistics...

Statistical Data Analysis for the Physical Sciences
Cambridge University Press (2013)

A modern introduction to statistics for undergraduates in physics, with worked examples and case...

Statistical Methods for Recommender Systems
Cambridge University Press (2016)

This book provides an in-depth discussion of challenges encountered in deploying real-life...

Statistics for the Social Sciences: A General Linear Model Approach

Statistics for the Social Sciences

A General Linear Model Approach

Cambridge University Press (2017)

This introductory undergraduate textbook is the first statistics textbook built around the General...

Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics
Cambridge University Press (2012)

This textbook is an introduction to econometrics from the Bayesian viewpoint. The second edition...