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An Introduction to Medical Statistics
OUP Oxford (2015)

An Introduction to Medical Statistics, fourth edition, is a 'must-have' textbook. Written in an...

Comparative Cognition
Cambridge University Press (2015)

This book introduces cognitive processes and animal behaviour across species, integrating classic...

Statistical Inference as Severe Testing: How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars

Statistical Inference as Severe Testing

How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars

Cambridge University Press (2018)

Unlock today's statistical controversies and irreproducible results by viewing statistics as probing...

Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to Categories

Conceptual Mathematics (2nd ed.)

A First Introduction to Categories

Cambridge University Press (2009)

This truly elementary book on categories introduces retracts, graphs, and adjoints to students and...

Real Analysis and Probability
Cambridge University Press (2002)

This classic text offers a clear exposition of modern probability theory.

Measures, Integrals and Martingales
Cambridge University Press (2017)

A concise, elementary introduction to measure and integration theory, requiring few prerequisites as...

All the Mathematics You Missed: But Need to Know for Graduate School

All the Mathematics You Missed

But Need to Know for Graduate School

Cambridge University Press (2001)

An essential resource for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in quantitative...

An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning: Numbers, Sets and Functions
Cambridge University Press (1997)

The purpose of this book is to introduce the basic ideas of mathematical proof and reasoning to...

Electricity and Magnetism for Mathematicians: A Guided Path from Maxwell's Equations to Yang–Mills

Electricity and Magnetism for Mathematicians

A Guided Path from Maxwell's Equations to Yang–Mills

Cambridge University Press (2015)

Maxwell's equations have led to many important mathematical discoveries. This text introduces...

Psychology Statistics For Dummies
Wiley (2012)

The introduction to statistics that psychology students can't afford to be without Understanding...