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MRI in Practice
Wiley (2018)

MRI in Practice continues to be the number one reference book and study guide for the registry...

Brain Imaging with MRI and CT: An Image Pattern Approach

Brain Imaging with MRI and CT

An Image Pattern Approach

Cambridge University Press (1753)

A unique, clinically relevant approach, grouping images according to basic patterns, irrespective of...

Pharmacology and Drug Administration for Imaging Technologists - E-Book
Elsevier Health Sciences (2013)

This text is a complete resource for all the imaging technologies, not just plain film radiography....

ExpertDDx: Brain and Spine E-Book
Elsevier Health Sciences (2017)

Now fully revised and up-to-date, Expert DDx: Brain and Spine , second edition, quickly guides...

Radiation Protection in the Health Sciences: (With Problem Solutions Manual)
World Scientific Publishing Company (2007)

This book takes a very practical approach to radiation protection and presents very readable...

Neurovascular Imaging: MRI & Microangiography

Neurovascular Imaging

MRI & Microangiography

Springer London (2010)

The comparison of MR images and cadaver microangiograms of the basal perforating arteries is crucial...

Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences E-Book
Elsevier Health Sciences (2018)

Make sure you have the most up-to-date quality management information available! Quality Management...

Introduction to Health Physics, Fifth Edition
McGraw-Hill Education (2017)

Understand every important aspect of health physics with this complete overview of the field If...

Musculoskeletal MRI: A Case-Based Approach to Interpretation and Reporting

Musculoskeletal MRI

A Case-Based Approach to Interpretation and Reporting

Springer International Publishing (2019)

This book teaches readers how to interpret, read, and dictate musculoskeletal (MSK) MRI studies...

MRI from Picture to Proton
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Presents the basics of MR practice and theory as the practitioner first meets them.