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Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves: Contemporary Pagans and the Search for Community

Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves

Contemporary Pagans and the Search for Community

University of California Press (2000)

Recent decades have seen a revival of paganism, and every summer people gather across the United...

Orientalism and Religion: Post-Colonial Theory, India and "The Mystic East"

Orientalism and Religion

Post-Colonial Theory, India and "The Mystic East"

Taylor and Francis (1999)

Orientalism and Religion offers us a timely discussion of the implications of contemporary...

Handbook of Japanese Mythology
ABC-CLIO (2003)

This work views Japanese myths in their social, historical, and cultural context - how they emerged...

Pantheism: A Non-Theistic Concept of Deity


A Non-Theistic Concept of Deity

Taylor and Francis (1994)

Many people who do not believe in God believe that 'everything is God' - that everything is part of...

Japanese Religions at Home and Abroad: Anthropological Perspectives
Taylor and Francis (2012)

In this important book, a leading authority on Japanese religions brings together for the first time...

Japanese Religions and Globalization
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book analyzes the variety of ways through which Japanese religions (Buddhism, Shintō, and new...

Bibliography of Japanese New Religious Movements
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Containing some 1500 entries, this new bibliography will be widely welcomed for its comprehensive...

Religion in Contemporary Japan
Palgrave Macmillan (1991)

What role does religion play in contemporary Japanese society and in the lives of Japanese people...

The Invention of Religion in Japan
University of Chicago Press (2012)

Throughout its long history, Japan had no concept of what we call “religion.” There was no...