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Storm Boy: 40th Anniversary Edition

Storm Boy

40th Anniversary Edition

New Holland Publishers (Australia) (2002)
6,60 €

Storm Boy finds an injured pelican whose life he saves. From then on, Storm Boy and Mr Percival the...

Sun on the Stubble
New Holland Publishers (Australia) (2001)
4,74 €

While his father preaches the virtues of hard work on the farm, Bruno manages to find all sorts of...


Pinquo (6th ed.)

New Holland Publishers (Australia) (2005)
4,74 €

Pinquo is a fairy penguin, who can swim, skip and dive faster than the blink of an eye.

Uncle Gustav's Ghosts
New Holland Publishers (Australia) (2011)
4,74 €

Benny Geister's Uncle Gustav meets the first Unseen Presence on the Bethel Road, near the place...

Hachette Australia (2012)
3,49 €

The story of a boy, a bird and the struggle to survive from one of Australia's best loved...

The Fiery Salamander
Hachette Australia (2012)
3,49 €

A delightful story from the much loved author of STORM BOY.

Blue Fin
Hachette Australia (2013)
3,49 €

An Australian classic from COLIN THIELE.

Hachette Australia (2013)
3,49 €

BRAHMINY is a classic tale from COLIN THIELE, Australia’s master storyteller.

Danny's Egg
Hachette Australia (2013)
3,49 €

DANNY'S EGG is an exciting adventure for younger readers from Australia’s master storyteller.

The Cave and The Glory of Galumph
Hachette Australia (2013)
3,93 €

Two classic short stories from COLIN THIELE, Australia's master storyteller.