Damage Control

How to Stop Making Jesus Look Bad

by Dean Merrill

People don't like Christians. It's a sad fact, but it's true. Instead of being seen as representatives of a loving God, Christians are often seen as narrow-minded, exclusionary, or pushy.

In Damage Control, Dean Merrill examines what Christians can do to stop making Jesus look bad. "Let's shine a light on what we're doing wrong--and what we, as 'field reps,' could do better," he says. In three parts, Merrill looks at God's "shaky plan"--why God left his reputation in the hands of fallible humans--the ways we hurt God's cause without realizing it, and the ways we can help God's cause. This insightful and energizing book will show Christians how to engage in spiritual disciplines, peaceful practices, and evangelism to represent Christ for who he really is.

  • Baker Publishing Group; March 2006
  • ISBN: 9781441236630
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  • Title: Damage Control
  • Author: Dean Merrill
  • Imprint: Baker Books