A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

by Bill T. Arnold, John H. Choi

This introduces and abridges the syntactical features of the original language of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. Scholars have made significant progress in recent decades in understanding Biblical Hebrew syntax. Yet intermediate readers seldom have access to this progress due to the technical jargon and sometimes-obscure locations of the scholarly publications. This Guide is an intermediate-level reference grammar for Biblical Hebrew. As such, it assumes an understanding of elementary phonology and morphology, and defines and illustrates the fundamental syntactical features of Biblical Hebrew that most intermediate-level readers struggle to master. The volume divides Biblical Hebrew syntax, and to a lesser extent morphology, into four parts. The first three cover the individual words (nouns, verbs, and particles) with the goal of helping the reader move from morphological and syntactical observations to meaning and significance. The fourth section moves beyond phase-level phenomena and considers the larger relationships of clauses and sentences.

  • Cambridge University Press; November 2003
  • ISBN: 9780511189272
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  • Title: A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax
  • Author: Bill T. Arnold; John H. Choi
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

'Arnold and Choi have given to all who love the Hebrew Scriptures a clear, concise, correct and carefully prepared guide to Biblical Hebrew syntax, helping its students to interpret scriptures more accurately.' Bruce K. Waltke