Caring for the Older Person

Practical Care in Hospital, Care Home or at Home

by Ann Bradshaw, Clair Merriman

Series: Wiley Series in Nursing (No. 11)

The number of older people in our society is increasing rapidly and as they age, the demand for safe, effective care is growing. This book offers readers the knowledge and skill to provide all aspects of care.

Caring for the Older Person is written in six sections, covering the fundamental needs of an older person:

  • Assistance with personal cleansing
  • Assistance with movement
  • Assistance to maintain nutrition and fluid intake
  • Assistance with toilet needs
  • Assistance with the need for observation and monitoring
  • Care of the person immediately following death

Each section starts with an explanation and includes care procedures in a step-by-step format. Written by two experienced nurses, the book is systematic and evidence-based, using up-to-date knowledge and government policy. It is intended to be a practical aid to improve care for the older person, whether in hospital, care home or at home and to give the reader the confidence that the care they provide is safe and effective.

Caring for the Older Person is an essential resource for health care professionals, trainees, care assistants, or paid carers, whose work involves caring for an older person; or a lay person – someone who needs to acquire skill and confidence to care for an older friend, neighbour or relative.

  • Wiley; February 2007
  • ISBN: 9780470060629
  • Edition: 1
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Caring for the Older Person
  • Series: Wiley Series in Nursing (No. 11)
  • Author: Ann Bradshaw; Clair Merriman
  • Imprint: Wiley

About The Author

Ann Bradshaw - Oxford Brookes University, School of Health and Social Care and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, Department of Clinical Geratology
Ann Bradshaw has worked as a clinical nurse in medicine and surgery, in palliative care, as a district nurse in the community, and in the care of older people. She has had numerous articles and papers published in nursing journals as well as medical and sociological journals, and has also spoken at many conferences. She has contributed chapters to several edited books.

Clair Merriman - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Skills, School of Health and Social Care, Oxford Brookes University
Clair has a background in neuroscience nursing and first came interested as to how nurses gain and maintain competence in clinical skills when she was a clinical development nurse. She has developed clinical skills teaching and assessing amongst student and post registration nurses at Oxford Brookes University in a project that has been original and innovative and recognises the importance of teaching and assessing the clinical skill of the nurse in order to be a competent practitioner. Clair is a member of an international multi professional clinical skills network, whose purpose is to provide a network for those who teach and assess clinical skills. They have a biannual conference where Clair has presented.