Improving Customer Service (2nd ed.)

A Rapid Skill Builder Team Briefing Booklet

by Jon C Warner

Series: Rapid Skill Builder Series

“Customer service” has become one of the “buzz words” inside organisations of all shapes and sizes in recent times. Crowning the customer as “king” is not a new concept, but expecting every employee to serve the customer – or serve somebody internally who is serving the customer – is a significantly different twist. In practical terms, this means that every team in the organisation serves another team who is a customer for its services or outputs. This booklet puts the case that the whole organisation should be aligned to the needs of the customer and, if this can be brought about in a thorough and systematic way, considerable success will be enjoyed at all levels.

Rapid Skill Builder Series Team Briefing Booklets are short, sharp and succinct resources provide best practice thinking on a range of key topics and are currently available in 40 titles. They are designed to provide a practical method for improving skills and focus on explaining the main steps in the process. On the back page of each booklet, a template illustrates how the process fits together for practical and immediate application.

These resources can be used in many settings, including: staff meetings or other group gatherings where time is limited and you want to discuss a specific skill or topic; pre-course work (to provide a brief and practical introduction to a topic); one-on-one or group coaching; self development; any other situation where a practical best practice process is required and time is limited. This series is also available in e-learning and t-learning formats. Inquire directly with the publisher at