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Cajas de cartón: The Circuit Spanish Edition

Cajas de cartón

The Circuit Spanish Edition

HMH Books (2002)

“‘La frontera’ . . . la escuché por primera vez a fines de los años 40, cuando Papá y Mamá nos...

The Circuit
HMH Books (1999)

"'La frontera'...I heard it for the first time back in the late 1940s when Papa and Mama told me and...

Breaking Through
HMH Books (2002)

At the age of fourteen, Francisco Jiménez, together with his older brother Roberto and his mother,...

Reaching Out
HMH Books (2009)

From the perspective of the young adult he was then, Francisco Jiménez describes the challenges he...

Senderos fronterizos
HMH Books (2002)

A la edad de catorce anos, Francisco Jiftrienez,/ junto con su madre y Roberto, su hermano mayor, es...

Mas alla de mi  Reaching Out Spanish Edition
HMH Books (2009)

Absorbing, tender, and honest, this sequel to the award-winning Breaking Through follows a migrant...

Taking Hold: From Migrant Childhood to Columbia University

Taking Hold

From Migrant Childhood to Columbia University

HMH Books (2015)

Continuing the best-selling life stories told in The Circuit, Breaking Through, and Reaching...

Pathology and Biology of Human Germ Cell Tumors
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2017)

This book provides, for the first time, a detailed, up-to-date, holistic approach to the pathology...

Ethnic Community Builders: Mexican-Americans in Search of Justice and Power

Ethnic Community Builders

Mexican-Americans in Search of Justice and Power

AltaMira Press (2007)

This book consists of fourteen interviews with Mexican-American community activists of various...

Radiología de urgencias para técnicos en imagen diagnóstica + acceso web
Elsevier Health Sciences (2015)

Obra avalada por la Asociación Española de Técnicos de Imagen (AETR) que forma parte de una serie de...