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Africana Social Stratification: An Interdisciplinary Study of Economics, Policy, and Labor

Africana Social Stratification

An Interdisciplinary Study of Economics, Policy, and Labor

Lexington Books (2017)

This work examines variations of the social stratification paradigm in the humanities and social...

Cooperation in Economy and Society
AltaMira Press (2010)

This book explores the burgeoning interest in human cooperation among anthropologists, political...

New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology: Current Status and Application

New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology

Current Status and Application

Ann Richard, Chihae Yang and 33 more...
Royal Society of Chemistry (2011)

This thorough and up-to-date insight into predictive technologies considers what is on the horizon...

Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming

Zones of Control

Perspectives on Wargaming

The MIT Press (2016)

Examinations of wargaming for entertainment, education, and military planning, in terms of design,...

The Cognitive Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2014)

The fifth edition of a work that defines the field of cognitive neuroscience, with entirely new...