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Alban Berg: Master of the Smallest Link

Alban Berg

Master of the Smallest Link

Cambridge University Press (1994)

Adorno's study of Alban Berg is a unique document. Itself now a part of music history, it is a...

Against Epistemology: A Metacritique
Wiley (2013)

This classic book by Theodor W. Adorno anticipates many of the themes that have since become common...

Metaphysics: Concept and Problems


Concept and Problems

Wiley (2014)

This volume makes available in English for the first time Adorno's lectures on metaphysics. It...

The Complete Correspondence 1928 - 1940
Wiley (2015)

The surviving correspondence between Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno. This is the...

Ontology and Dialectics: 1960-61
Wiley (2018)

Adorno’s lectures on ontology and dialectics from 1960–61 comprise his most sustained and systematic...

Towards a Theory of Musical Reproduction: Notes, a Draft and Two Schemata

Towards a Theory of Musical Reproduction

Notes, a Draft and Two Schemata

Wiley (2014)

At the beginning of his career in the 1920s, Adorno sketched a plan to write a major work on the...

An Introduction to Dialectics
Wiley (2017)

This volume comprises Adorno's first lectures specifically dedicated to the subject of the...

Dream Notes
Wiley (2014)

"Dreams are as black as death." —Theodor W. Adorno Adorno was fascinated by his dreams and...

Letters to his Parents: 1939-1951
Wiley (2014)

'My dears: this is but a brief note to welcome you to the new world, where you are now no longer all...

Correspondence 1925-1935
Wiley (2014)

Adorno was twenty-one years old when he traveled to Vienna in March 1925 to study musical...