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War, Strategy, and Military Effectiveness
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Shows how studying military and strategic history can help us confront problems of war and peace in...

Military Adaptation in War: With Fear of Change
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Addresses how military organizations confront the problem of adapting under the trying, terrifying...

America and the Future of War: The Past as Prologue
Hoover Institution Press (2017)

Throughout the world today there are obvious trouble spots that have the potential to explode into...

Strategy For Defeat: The Luftwaffe, 1933-1945 [Illustrated Edition]
Tannenberg Publishing (2015)

Includes the Aerial Warfare In Europe During World War II illustrations pack with over 200 maps,...

The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 1300–2050
Cambridge University Press (2001)

This book studies the changes that have marked war in the Western World since the thirteenth...

The Making of Peace: Rulers, States, and the Aftermath of War

The Making of Peace

Rulers, States, and the Aftermath of War

Cambridge University Press (2008)

The Making of Peace studies the difficulties that statesmen have confronted in attempting to put...

Moment of Battle: The Twenty Clashes That Changed the World

Moment of Battle

The Twenty Clashes That Changed the World

Random House Publishing Group (2013)

Two modern masters of military history make their case for the twenty most pivotal battles of all...

Gods of War
Random House Publishing Group (2020)

Hannibal vs. Scipio. Grant vs. Lee. Rommel vs. Patton. The greatest battles, commanders, and...

Conflicting Currents: Japan and the United States in the Pacific: Japan and the United States in the Pacific
ABC-CLIO (2009)

The subjects covered in this collection will appeal to a range of scholars, specialists, and general...

Military Adaptation In War: With Fear Of Change
Tannenberg Publishing (2015)

Military Adaptation in War addresses one of the most persistent problems that military organizations...