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The Shaping of Grand Strategy: Policy, Diplomacy, and War

The Shaping of Grand Strategy

Policy, Diplomacy, and War

Cambridge University Press (2011)

The successes as well as failures of great states attempting to create grand strategies that work.

Hybrid Warfare: Fighting Complex Opponents from the Ancient World to the Present

Hybrid Warfare

Fighting Complex Opponents from the Ancient World to the Present

Cambridge University Press (2012)

Nine historical examples of hybrid warfare clarify the various aspects of conflicts and examine how...

Military Adaptation in War: With Fear of Change
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Addresses how military organizations confront the problem of adapting under the trying, terrifying...

Military Effectiveness: Volume 1, The First World War
Cambridge University Press (2010)

This study examines the military performance of France, Germany, Russia, the US, Great Britain,...

Free Press (1992)

Eight scholars - Alan R. Millett, Paul Kennedy, Earl F. Ziemke, Alvin D. Coox, Williamson Murray,...

Thinking in the Dark: Cinema, Theory, Practice

Thinking in the Dark

Cinema, Theory, Practice

Rutgers University Press (2015)

Today’s film scholars draw from a dizzying range of theoretical perspectives—they’re just as likely...

Gods of War
Random House Publishing Group (2020)

Hannibal vs. Scipio. Grant vs. Lee. Rommel vs. Patton. The greatest battles, commanders, and...

Military Effectiveness: Volume 3, The Second World War
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Examines questions raised by the performance of the military institutions of France, Germany,...

Grand Strategy and Military Alliances
Cambridge University Press (2016)

A broad-ranging study of the relationship between alliances and the conduct of grand strategy,...

The Culture of Military Organizations
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Examines how military culture forms and changes, as well as its impact on the effectiveness of...