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Pharmacie clinique et thérapeutique
Elsevier Health Sciences (2011)

Le présent ouvrage constitue à la fois une référence et un outil de travail précieux . Il propose...

A Savage War: A Military History of the Civil War

A Savage War

A Military History of the Civil War

Princeton University Press (2018)

How the Civil War changed the face of war The Civil War represented a momentous change in the...

Conflicting Currents: Japan and the United States in the Pacific: Japan and the United States in the Pacific
ABC-CLIO (2009)

The subjects covered in this collection will appeal to a range of scholars, specialists, and general...

The German War Machine in World War II: An Encyclopedia
ABC-CLIO (2019)

This book provides everything the reader needs to know about the German war machine that developed...

America and the Future of War: The Past as Prologue
Hoover Institution Press (2017)

Throughout the world today there are obvious trouble spots that have the potential to explode into...

Strategy For Defeat: The Luftwaffe, 1933-1945 [Illustrated Edition]
Tannenberg Publishing (2015)

Includes the Aerial Warfare In Europe During World War II illustrations pack with over 200 maps,...

Military Adaptation In War: With Fear Of Change
Tannenberg Publishing (2015)

Military Adaptation in War addresses one of the most persistent problems that military organizations...