Welcome to the eBooks.com Affiliate Program

You can earn revenue by simply linking to us from your website. The link can be a simple text link, a banner or links to titles of particular interest to your visitors. The eBooks.com Affiliate program will enhance your site and add value for your customers.

How does it work?

You'll need to request to join our program and once approved, place a link on your site. When a customer clicks on this link they are taken to the eBooks.com site. They will be directed to either the eBooks.com Home Page, or to the specific page at eBooks.com that you have chosen. When the customer purchases a title from our site, as our affiliate you will receive a percentage of the customer's sale as a commission for directing them to us.


Your website has suitable traffic (we will review this) and adheres to our policy regarding suitable content. This is because there might be some high traffic pets or gardening site, for example, (unrelated to books) that would be worthwhile.
You are one of our popular authors and want to direct people to our site.

Why should I Join?

  • Generous commission rate
  • 45 day return tracking
  • Performance incentive
  • Real time tracking and reporting tool
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management Team
  • FREE to join!

How can I link to you?

You can link to any page on our website, provided you do supply your unique referral code.

Individual books and categories

You can link to individual titles or category pages at eBooks.com. This adds value to your site as you can target books that will be of most interest to your visitors. We recommend that you display the cover image, author, publisher and summary information as well as the title, as these elements are eye-catching and can increase the length of a visitor's stay. You can also add books directly to a customer's cart on eBooks.com.

Using a Book's ISBN

By adding one line of code to your website, you can easily create a link to eBooks.com that will lookup a book by ISBN and display the current price to users.

Using our API

You can access our API to find out information about a particular book, such as it's cover image, description and price. More information can be found in our API docs.


Our commission is incentive driven and works on a tiered system. The tiers are based on the amount of commission you have earned in US dollars during a year:

  • On sales up to US $100,000 in each calendar year: 10 percent (10%).
  • On sales in excess of the first US $100,000 in each calendar year: 15 percent (15%).


If you have any queries about our program, please contact us via our contact form.