Women's Murder Club Series

by James Patterson

Detail from the cover of the US edition of The Women's Murder Club Collection

In Women's Murder Club we follow a group of female professionals who band together to investigate homicides in San Francisco. They consist of police detective Lindsay Boxer, medical examiner Claire Washburn, crime reporter Cindy Thomas, and lawyers Jill Bernhardt and Yuki Castellano. Pooling the resources and complimentary skills of their respective vocations, these tenacious women uncover unsavory clues and solve deadly crimes, all while balancing the tribulations of their private lives.

By combining thrilling plots that are unencumbered by over-explanation, and an ensemble cast of characters whose emotional journeys are entirely relatable, author James Patterson – often alongside co-authors Andrew Gross and Maxine Paetro – weaves stories that are wrought with tension. Nearly all of the novels in this series have reached number one on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

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