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The Art of Mending: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2004)

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • Revelations about a seemingly ordinary mother force her adult children to...

Summer Island: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2002)

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The author of the cherished bestseller On Mystic Lake returns with a...

The Boy Who Said No
Bitingduck Press (1998)

The Boy Who Said No is first and foremost a story of people and their travails, the world in which...

The Cloud Atlas: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2004)

Set against the magnificent backdrop of Alaska in the waning days of World War II, The Cloud Atlas ...

Till I Come Marching Home
SynergEbooks (2005)

Scott Kilmeade backsteps through time and travels the now ravaged cities of war-torn France, not...

The Hearts of Men: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2001)

Tall, dark, and handsome, Prodigy Banks was once a playboy. Now he’s a man any mother would be proud...

The Garden
Mushroom Publishing (2011)

A hardened little boy finds relief from his alcoholic father's brutal physical beatings in an...

The Devil's Day Off
SynergEbooks (2004)

What happens when the Devil meets a beautiful painter named Alene, contracts a hit man named Peter,...

Good Harbor: A Novel
Scribner (2002)

Anita Diamant's international bestseller The Red Tent brilliantly re-created the ancient world of...

The China Card
Bitingduck Press (2000)

In this far-seeing novel, the nations of the near future come to 1984—and a world in crisis: For the...