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Threshold 1990
Cambridge University Press (1998)

Threshold 1990 is a statement of language learning objectives for intermediate level learners.

The Irish Writer and the World
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A major work from the award-winning scholar and cultural commentator.

The Gaelic-English Dictionary
Taylor and Francis (2002)

This book fulfils a keenly-felt need for a modern, comprehensive dictionary of Scottish Gaelic into...

Basic Irish: A Grammar and Workbook
Taylor and Francis (2007)

Basic Irish: A Grammar and Workbook provides a jargon-free introduction to the most commonly used...

Modern Languages: Learning and Teaching in an Intercultural Field

Modern Languages

Learning and Teaching in an Intercultural Field

SAGE Publications (2004)

This accessible book is written by teachers of modern languages and tackles the specifics of the...

Lost in Translation: Misadventures in English Abroad

Lost in Translation

Misadventures in English Abroad

Michael O'Mara (2011)

Spoken by over 700 million jabbering individuals, the English language has travelled to all corners...

The Syntax of Welsh
Cambridge University Press (2007)

This 2007 book outlines the major syntactic characteristics of Welsh, including word order,...

Aspects of Modern Language Teaching in Europe
Taylor and Francis (1998)

From the teaching of grammar to the teaching of literature; from classroom teaching to independent...

Teaching Modern Languages
Taylor and Francis (1993)

Modern language classrooms are currently dominated by the communicative method of language teaching....

The Irish Language in Ireland: From Goídel to Globalisation
Taylor and Francis (2004)

This book comprises the first complete treatment of the Irish language in social context throughout...