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Goodbye to All That
Penguin Books Ltd (2000)

In 1929 Robert Graves went to live abroad permanently, vowing 'never to make England my home again'....

The Divine Comedy: Penguin Classics
Penguin Books Ltd (2012)

Robin Kirkpatrick's masterful verse translation of The Divine Comedy , tracing Dante's journey from...

The Art of Poetry: How to Read a Poem

The Art of Poetry

How to Read a Poem

Oxford University Press (2008)

The Art of Poetry offers a step-by-step introduction to skills for reading poetry, working...

Beowulf: The Fight at Finnsburh
OUP Oxford (1999)

Beowulf is the longest and finest literary work to have come down to us from Anglo-Saxon times, and...

Rumi: The Big Red Book: The Great Masterpiece Celebrating Mystical Love and Friendship

Rumi: The Big Red Book

The Great Masterpiece Celebrating Mystical Love and Friendship

HarperCollins (2010)

“Really, what other book would anyone ever need?” —Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Honeybee “Elegant...

The Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton
Random House Publishing Group (2009)

John Milton is, next to William Shakespeare, the most influential English poet, a writer whose work...

The Odyssey
Penguin Publishing Group (2015)

One of the supreme masterpieces of world literature, the Homeric saga of the shipwrecks, wanderings,...

The Cambridge Companion to Keats
Cambridge University Press (2001)

In The Cambridge Companion to Keats, leading scholars discuss Keats's work.

Poetry For Dummies
Wiley (2011)

Sometimes it seems like there are as many definitions of poetry as there are poems. Coleridge...

The Odes of Pindar
Penguin Books Ltd (2015)

'What Pindar catches is the joy beyond ordinary emotions as it transcends and transforms them' - C....