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Circles of Hell
Penguin Books Ltd (2015)

'I truly thought I'd never make it back.' Ten of the most memorable and most terrifying cantos from...

Collected Poems
OUP Oxford (2001)

This bilingual edition provides all of Rimbaud's poems, with the exception of his Latin verses and...

The Lusiads
OUP Oxford (2001)

First published in 1572, The Lusiads is one of the greatest epic poems of the Renaissance,...

Selected Poems
OUP Oxford (2009)

Verlaine ranks alongside Baudelaire, Mallarmé, and Rimbaud as one of the most outstanding poets of...

The Complete Poems and Major Prose
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (2003)

First published by Odyssey Press in 1957, this classic edition provides Milton's poetry and major...

The Poems of Goethe: by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The Poems of Goethe

by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (2008)

This is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography. ************. .

The Divine Comedy: Translated by the Rev. H. F. Cary

The Divine Comedy

Translated by the Rev. H. F. Cary (2010)

The Divine Comedy (Italian: Commedia, later christened "Divina" by Giovanni Boccaccio),...

Lectura Dantis, Inferno: A Canto-by-Canto Commentary

Lectura Dantis, Inferno

A Canto-by-Canto Commentary

University of California Press (1999)

The California Lectura Dantis is the long-awaited companion to the three-volume verse translation by...

Danteworlds: A Reader's Guide to the Inferno


A Reader's Guide to the Inferno

University of Chicago Press (2008)

One of the greatest works of world literature, Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy has, despite...

The Complete Poems: The 1554 Edition of the "Rime," a Bilingual Edition

The Complete Poems

The 1554 Edition of the "Rime," a Bilingual Edition

Gaspara Stampa, Troy Tower and 3 more...
University of Chicago Press (2010)

Gaspara Stampa (1523?-1554) is one of the finest female poets ever to write in Italian. Although she...