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Arthurian Romances
Penguin Books Ltd (1991)

Taking the legends surrounding King Arthur and weaving in new psychological elements of personal...

The Satires

The Satires

Juvenal, Niall Rudd and 1 more...
OUP Oxford (2008)

Juvenal, writing between AD 110 and 130, was one of the greatest satirists of Imperial Rome. His...

This is What I Have to Say
Pan Macmillan (2013)

A moving and inspiring collection of new poems from the winners of the Stanza and Deliver poetry...

Understanding the Leitmotif: From Wagner to Hollywood Film Music

Understanding the Leitmotif

From Wagner to Hollywood Film Music

Cambridge University Press (2015)

Through analysis, Matthew Bribitzer-Stull explores the legacy of the leitmotif, from Wagner's Ring...

Touch and Intimacy in First World War Literature
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Santanu Das uncovers the intimate history of how war was experienced by the body.

Jumpstart! Poetry: Games and Activities for Ages 7-12

Jumpstart! Poetry

Games and Activities for Ages 7-12

Taylor and Francis (2008)

A good poetry idea should help the children feel excited about writing and enable them to think of...

Running Upon The Wires
Pan Macmillan (2018)

The leading poet of her generation returns with a deeply personal third collection, Running Upon...

The Masnavi, Book Three
OUP Oxford (2013)

Rumi is the greatest mystic poet to have written in Persian, and the Masnavi, written in six books,...

Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake

Fearful Symmetry

A Study of William Blake

Princeton University Press (2013)

This brilliant outline of Blake's thought and commentary on his poetry comes on the crest of the...

Love Her Wild: Poetry
Headline Publishing Group (2017)

For fans of Milk & Honey and Chasers of the Light , the first collection of poetry by Instagram...