Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury

by Kenneth Curley, Kerstin Bettermann, Zhifeng Kou, Frank G Hillary, Russell L Blaylock, Joseph Maroon, Uliana Danilenko, Galina Izykenova, Alexander Panov, Alexey Shikuev, Taras Skoromets, Miroslav Odinak, Christian Foerch, Stanislav Svetlov, Linda Papa, Julia Slocomb, Johan Undén, Bertil Romner, Ramona Astrand, Svetlana Dambinova, Ronald L Hayes, Kevin K.W. Wang, David E Thurston

Series: ISSN

Due to injuries sustained in sports and in combat, interest in TBI has never been greater. Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury will fulfil a gap in our understanding of what is occurring in the brain following injury that can subsequently be detected in biological fluids and imaging. This knowledge will be useful for all researchers and clinicians interested in the biochemical and structural sequelae underpinning clinical manifestations of TBI and help guide appropriate patient management. Current and prospective biomarkers for the assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI), particularly mild TBI, are examined using a multidisciplinary approach involving biochemistry, molecular biology, and clinical chemistry. The book incorporates presentations from outstanding researchers and clinicians in the area and describes advanced proteomic and degradomic technologies in the development of novel biomarker assays. For practical purposes, the focus of this volume is on detection of blood-based biomarkers to improve diagnostic certainty of mild TBI in conjunction with radiological and clinical findings. It represents contributions from internationally-recognized researchers at the forefront of traumatic brain injury many of whom are recipients of grants and contracts from the United States Department of Defense for research specifically on developing diagnostic tests for TBI. The book will be essential reading for scientists, pharmacologists, chemists, medical and graduate students.

  • Royal Society of Chemistry; May 2012
  • ISBN: 9781849734745
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Series: ISSN
  • Author: Kenneth Curley (contrib.); Kerstin Bettermann (contrib.); Zhifeng Kou (contrib.); Frank G Hillary (contrib.); Russell L Blaylock (contrib.); Joseph Maroon (contrib.); Uliana Danilenko (contrib.); Galina Izykenova (contrib.); Alexander Panov (contrib.); Alexey Shikuev (contrib.); Taras Skoromets (contrib.); Miroslav Odinak (contrib.); Christian Foerch (contrib.); Stanislav Svetlov (contrib.); Linda Papa (contrib.); Julia Slocomb (contrib.); Johan Undén (contrib.); Bertil Romner (contrib.); Ramona Astrand (contrib.); Svetlana Dambinova (ed.); Ronald L Hayes (ed.); Kevin K.W. Wang (ed.); David E Thurston (ed.)
  • Imprint: Royal Society of Chemistry

About The Author

Svetlana A Dambinova DSc, PhD is a Distinguished Professor at the WellStar College of Health and Human Services, Kennesaw State University, USA. She has more than 35 years of experience in the fields of molecular neurobiology, neurochemistry, and laboratory medicine. She spent most of her academic life at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, the Institute of Human Brain and Pavlov's Medical University in St Petersburg, Russia, during her career from a predoctoral student to a Professor. Ronald L Hayes PhD is Founder & President and a Distinguished Principal Investigator at the Center of Innovative Research, Banyan Biomarkers, Inc, USA. His research involves studying the pathobiology of traumatic brain injury and he employs contemporary biochemical approaches to examine proteolytic mechanisms of cell injury and death. Kevin KW Wang PhD is Founder, Chief Operations & Scientific Officer and Executive Director at the Center of Innovative Research, Banyan Biomarkers, Inc, USA.