Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

by Peter Cook

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  • 9781472925398
  • 9781472925404
Drawing upon cutting edge research from academia but expressed clearly and concisely for the busy person seeking practical inspiration, Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise will feature numerous case examples from companies such as Virgin, Pfizer, Roche and Fuji Film.
The book deals with questions such as:
What are the roots of creativity and imagination? · How can we create the physiological and mental states under which creativity happens naturally rather than having to rely on creative thinking tools?
· What kind of leadership is required to make creativity and innovation business as usual behaviours in your enterprise?
· What is the role of technique in engendering creativity within teams? What are the most effective and reliable recipes for team based creativity?
· What ensures that creativity turns into innovation? What stops it?
In exploring these questions, the book will show you how to produce and lead creative teams, as well as build an innovative company culture.

  • Bloomsbury Publishing; February 2016
  • ISBN: 9781472925404
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise
  • Author: Peter Cook
  • Imprint: Bloomsbury Information
Subject categories
  • 9781472925398
  • 9781472925404

In The Press

Peter Cook writes with flair, authority and an infectious enthusiasm. You don't find many books that combine hard research findings with fascinating stories and examples on every page. This is one of them. A joy from start to finish.

About The Author

Peter Cook leads Human Dynamics, a worldwide creativity and innovation consultancy. He also delivers keynotes around the world blending business intelligence with parallel lessons from music via The Academy of Rock.

Peter is author and contributor to 11 books which have been acclaimed by industry experts including Professors Charles Handy, Adrian Furnham, Harvey Goldsmith CBE and Tom Peters. A frequent writer for Virgin.com, Peter's ideas have been featured in the Financial Times, the Independent, The Guardian and USA Today, and he has appeared on the BBC and Bloomberg TV.

Peter has an MBA, is a Chartered Chemist and FCIPD. He has spent almost 20 years teaching MBA's on creativity, innovation and leadership in academia and running his businesses.