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Buddha Da
Canongate Books (2009)

Anne Marie’s Da, a Glaswegian painter and decorator, has always been game for a laugh. So when he...

Being Emily
Canongate Books (2008)

Things are never dull in the O’Connell family. Still, Fiona, squeezed between her quiet brother and...

Gone are the Leaves
Canongate Books (2014)

Feilamort can remember very little of his childhood before he became a choir boy in the home of the...

Hieroglyphics And Other Stories
Canongate Books (2009)

A beautiful collection - charming, witty and touching - these stories give voice to a variety of...

Matilda in Scots
Black & White Publishing (2019)

Matilda is the world's most famous bookworm, no thanks to her ghastly parents. Her father thinks...

Religion, Emotion, Sensation: Affect Theories and Theologies

Religion, Emotion, Sensation

Affect Theories and Theologies

Karen Bray, Stephen D. Moore and 12 more...
Fordham University Press (2019)

Religion, Emotion, Sensation asks what affect theory has to say about God or gods, religion or...