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A Triumph of Souls
Orion (2013)

Etjole Ehomba and his companions brave the Kraken haunted waters of the impassable Semordria. Then...

A Call to Arms: 1
Orion (2014)

For eons, the Amplitur had searched space for intelligent species, each of which was joyously...

To the Vanishing Point
Open Road Media (2014)

Aliens in the mirror are closer than they appear. The #1 New York Times –bestselling author of ...

The Man Who Used the Universe
Open Road Media (2014)

A notorious criminal pursues peace—and power—with alien enemies in this sci-fi novel from the #1 ...

Maori: A Novel
Open Road Media (2015)

A sweeping historical novel set in nineteenth-century New Zealand from the #1  New York Times–...

The Damned Trilogy: A Call to Arms, The False Mirror, and The Spoils of War

The Damned Trilogy

A Call to Arms, The False Mirror, and The Spoils of War

Open Road Media (2017)

Humans are caught up in an alien war in this epic from the #1 New York Times –bestselling author of...

Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization
Titan Books (2014)

There are some places in the universe you don't go alone Returned to earth, Ellen Ripley learns that...

Race and Reconciliation in America
Lexington Books (2009)

Convinced that what is needed in America is a serious, open, civil dialogue on racial, ethnic, and...

The Day of the Dissonance
Orion (2012)

The Day of Dissonance continues Alan Dean Foster's epoch fantasy set in a strange world where...

Orion (2012)

Pip and Flinx: Book Two. Repler was a humanx-controlled planet, a minor outpost of the flourishing...