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Peter Pan: Peter and Wendy

Peter Pan

Peter and Wendy

The Floating Press (1911)

Scottish writer J M Barrie wrote both a play and a novel about the boy Peter Pan, who wouldn't...

Peter Pan
Random House Publishing Group (2008)

Fly away with Peter Pan to the enchanted island of Neverland! This first chapter book adaptation of...

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
The Floating Press (1906)

J M Barrie's most famous character, Peter Pan, originated in a whimsical story from his book The...

The Little White Bird: or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens

The Little White Bird

or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens

The Floating Press (1902)

The Little White Bird is a series of short episodes, narratives and day-to-day accounts of J M...

The Admirable Crichton: A Comedy
The Floating Press (2012)

Though today he is best remembered as the creator of Peter Pan, British author J.M. Barrie was a...

Peter Pan Complete Text
HarperCollins (2010)

Meet Peter Pan, the magical boy who refuses to grow up. One night, while looking for his shadow,...

Peter Pan
Penguin Books Ltd (2018)

The Penguin English Library edition of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. 'All children, except one,...

A Holiday in Bed: And Other Sketches

A Holiday in Bed

And Other Sketches

The Floating Press (2012)

Think the writing by Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie is nothing but fairy dust, sweetness, and light?...

When a Man's Single: A Tale of Literary Life

When a Man's Single

A Tale of Literary Life

The Floating Press (2014)

This novel from Peter Pan author J. M. Barrie pulls off a remarkable feat: its characters spend a...

Sentimental Tommy: The Story of His Boyhood

Sentimental Tommy

The Story of His Boyhood

The Floating Press (2014)

Written before his masterpiece Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie's novel Sentimental Tommy grapples with a...