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James Patterson is arguably one of the most successful writers in the contemporary world. He has sold over 300 million copies of his novels, and has been featured on the New York Times bestseller list more times than any other author, past or present. He is a prolific novelist whose life and work has been celebrated through literary awards and references in popular culture alike.Most famous for his crime series’ – such as the hugely popular novels featuring psychologist Alex Cross, as well as the justice-seeking Women’s Murder Club – Patterson also writes non-fiction, romance, and children’s books. The latter of these were inspired by his desire to encourage young readers (including his own son), which is also exemplified by his philanthropic involvement with Booktrust’s Children’s Reading Fund.

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20th Victim: Three cities. Three bullets. Three murders. (Women’s Murder Club 20)

20th Victim

Three cities. Three bullets. Three murders. (Women’s Murder Club 20)

Random House (2020)

The Women's Murder Club face the fight of their lives in the latest thriller from the bestselling...

Loop Holes
James patterson (2019)

Loop Holes spins a web of deceit and murder across the world against the backdrop of a deadly...

James patterson (2019)

Detective David Porter had just closed the file on his latest serial killer case when horrific...

Blindside: (Michael Bennett 12)


(Michael Bennett 12)

Random House (2020)

The mayor of New York has a daughter who's missing. Detective Michael Bennett has a son who's in...

Texas Outlaw: The Ranger has gone rogue...

Texas Outlaw

The Ranger has gone rogue...

Random House (2020)

THE THRILLING SEQUEL TO TEXAS RANGER Rory Yates of the Texas Rangers doesn't seek out hero...

The River Murders: Three gripping stories. One relentless investigator

The River Murders

Three gripping stories. One relentless investigator

Random House (2020)

Sometimes figuring out the truth means going to the point of no return. For Mitchum, returning isn't...

19th Christmas: A criminal mastermind unleashes a deadly plan (Women’s Murder Club 19)

19th Christmas

A criminal mastermind unleashes a deadly plan (Women’s Murder Club 19)

Random House (2019)

The bestselling 19th novel in the Women's Murder Club series __________________________________ ...

Killer Instinct
Random House (2019)

THE SEQUEL TO INSTINCT , A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Dr Dylan Reinhart is no stranger to solving...

Hope to Die: (Alex Cross 22)

Hope to Die

(Alex Cross 22)

Random House (2014)

_______________________________________ 'No one gets this big without amazing natural...

Black Market
Random House (2017)

A Wall Street crash like never before… A shocking explosion at the Wall Street stock exchange...