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The Cambridge Companion to Edmund Burke
Cambridge University Press (2012)

This comprehensive and accessible Companion examines the life and writings of Edmund Burke, one of...

The Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian Legend
Cambridge University Press (2009)

An overview of how the legend of Arthur and his Knights evolved from the earliest documentary...

The Cambridge Companion to ‘Dracula'
Cambridge University Press (2017)

A new collection of essays that offers exciting new critical approaches to the most famous vampire...

The Cambridge Companion to Sherlock Holmes
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Accessible exploration of Sherlock Holmes and his relationship to late-Victorian culture as well as...

The Cambridge Companion to American Gay and Lesbian Literature
Cambridge University Press (2015)

This Companion examines the connections between LGBTQ populations and American literature from the...

The Cambridge Companion to English Melodrama
Cambridge University Press (2018)

A lively and accessible account of the most popular form of nineteenth-century English theatre, and...

The Cambridge Companion to Walter Benjamin
Cambridge University Press (2004)

This Companion offers a comprehensive introduction to the thought of the highly influential...

The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction

A thorough and accessible guide to the Gothic genre.

The Cambridge Companion to Edgar Allan Poe
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Examines Poe's major writings in a variety of literary, cultural and political contexts.

The Cambridge Companion to W. H. Auden
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A comprehensive and authoritative guide to Auden's work.