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Kubernetes: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure

Kubernetes: Up and Running

Dive into the Future of Infrastructure

O'Reilly Media (2017)

Legend has it that Google deploys over two billion application containers a week. How’s that...

Programming Kubernetes: Developing Cloud-Native Applications

Programming Kubernetes

Developing Cloud-Native Applications

O'Reilly Media (2019)

If you’re looking to develop native applications in Kubernetes, this is your guide. Developers and...

Terraform: Up and Running: Writing Infrastructure as Code

Terraform: Up and Running

Writing Infrastructure as Code

O'Reilly Media (2017)

Terraform has emerged as a key player in the DevOps world for defining, launching, and managing...

Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change

Building Evolutionary Architectures

Support Constant Change

Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons and 1 more...
O'Reilly Media (2017)

The software development ecosystem is constantly changing, providing a constant stream of new tools,...

Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems

Building Microservices

Designing Fine-Grained Systems

O'Reilly Media (2015)

Distributed systems have become more fine-grained in the past 10 years, shifting from code-heavy...

Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi
Wiley (2016)

Use your Raspberry Pi to get smart about computing fundamentals In the 1980s, the tech revolution...

Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach

Computer Architecture (6th ed.)

A Quantitative Approach

Elsevier Science (2017)

Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, Sixth Edition has been considered essential reading...

Developing Information Systems: Practical guidance for IT professionals

Developing Information Systems

Practical guidance for IT professionals

James Cadle, Tahir Ahmed and 5 more...
BCS Learning & Development Limited (2014)

Systems development is the process of creating and maintaining information systems. This practical...

Kubernetes Cookbook: Building Cloud Native Applications

Kubernetes Cookbook

Building Cloud Native Applications

O'Reilly Media (2018)

Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto standard for container orchestration and distributed...

PCI Express System Architecture
Addison-Wesley Longman (2003)

PCI Express System Architecture provides an in-depth description of this technology and provides...