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The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods
SAGE Publications (2006)

Bringing together the work of over eighty leading academics and researchers worldwide to produce the...

Experimental Design and Statistics
Taylor and Francis (1984)

The distinguishing feature of experimental psychology is not so much the nature of its theories as...

Organizational Research Methods: A Guide for Students and Researchers

Organizational Research Methods

A Guide for Students and Researchers

SAGE Publications (2001)

New from SAGE Publications `This text provides a timely and comprehensive introduction to major...

Determinants of Animal Behaviour
Taylor and Francis (2002)

Are animals intelligent? How do they learn to solve everyday survival problems? Can they be...

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis: A Comparative and Critical Introduction

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis

A Comparative and Critical Introduction

SAGE Publications (2005)

`This is one of those books that, researchers, students and teachers want to have on their desks,...

Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques

Social Research

Theory, Methods and Techniques

SAGE Publications (2003)

`This is an impressively detailed, clearly written book.... It is a book that I would like students...

Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology: A Practical Guide
SAGE Publications (2010)

A self-contained and complete guide to learning how to do qualitative studies in psychology.

The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory: Paperback Edition
SAGE Publications (2010)

This Handbook gives a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of grounded theory, taking...

Clinical Interpretation of the WAIS-III and WMS-III
Elsevier Science (2003)

This guide to the WAIS-III and WMS-III tests is written to help clinical practitioners achieve...

Measuring the Mind: Conceptual Issues in Contemporary Psychometrics

Measuring the Mind

Conceptual Issues in Contemporary Psychometrics

Cambridge University Press (2005)

Denny Borsboom provides an in-depth treatment of the philosophical foundations of widely used...